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For obvious reasons Auschwitz-Brikenau is very well known. Thus when I visited Auschwitz I was assuming that I would show up, shoot and leave.

This was not the case. The whole experience of photographing Auschwitz Brikenau left me with a sick feeling to my stomach for days coupled by many sleepless nights. I had heard the stories of rooms of human hair, stories of experiments act… so I was prepared for some element of shock - but there were many other items that chilled me to the core.

Particularly the Zyklon B canisters really shook me up. Just saying the name on the cans "GIFTGAS" still bothers me.

Initially I shot these for Editorial purposes with the idea of showing in Black and White, but I ended up using colour because I wanted the images feel more anchored in current times. I also shot the personal items very tight because I want the viewer to feel its texture. These were real times from real people.

I'm not particularly happy or proud of this collection of images. But I do feel connected to these photographs. More than any other collection of photographs I have ever shot. This is why I am exhibiting them.

Please feel free to share this series.

- C.

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